General access denied error (0x80070005)

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This issue occurs when the VM Security permissions on the VHDx are gone. Every VM has a unique ID. This unique ID is added to the VHDx security permissions for accessing / locking files.
There are 2 possible solutions to fix this.

Solution 1:

Detach the VHDx with the “remove” remove button in Hyper-v or Failover cluster manager. Just make sure you don’t remove the actual file!

Attach the VHDx again.
Now you can start the VM.

Solution 2:
  1. In this example is the virtual machine ID 684B169F-DB4A-493F-B34A-762E205AB1E4
  2. Go to the node wich host this VM
  3. Open an elevated command prompt
  4. icacls <path of vhd> /grant "NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\<Virtual machine ID>":(F)
  5. Start the virtual machine

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