Minion did not return. [No response]

There are multiple reasons why your minion did not return.
Hereby a couple checks you can do for troubleshooting your Salt – minion configuration.

First, check if your minion is running.

On unix:
systemctl status salt-minion
On Windows:
Check it with services.msc

Second, check if you can resolve the salt master.

If not, add to dns or hostfile

Tirth, check your firewall.

On both master and minion.

Fourth, check if you can ping your minion.

salt VM01

If not..
Then mostly increasing the timeout value of salt master fix it
Sudo nano /etc/salt/master
Search for timeout

Increase it to for example 60

Restart your salt-master.
sudo pkill salt-master
sudo salt-master -d

Fifth, reinstall your minion.

If you have other options then this, be free to comment 😊

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