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Default Management Pack Information

Don’t save any custom rules, overrides or views to the default management pack. Store al application specific overrides in a new unsealed application overrides MP. Or when the overrides are customer based, create an unsealed customer management pack. When this is done, you can simply delete application specific or customer specific overrides.
Now with the rule above in your mind, we are going to delete al the dependencies in the default management pack.

SCOM Reporting Overrides Report.

With this report its possible to locate overrides saved in the Default Management Pack.
If there is some override made, locate the monitor or rule and go to the override summery to delete the overrides.
After this step, try to delete the Management Pack. Same situation? Go to the second step.

SCOM XML Management pack editing:

The default management pack is an unsealed management pack with the real name “Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationsManager.DefaultUser”. Unsealed Management Packs like all SCOM handmade management packs can be edited.
Export the Default Management pack 2 times, first on your backup location and second one witch you going to edit.
There are four sections in the management pack:
– Manifest: Contains the name of the management pack and the references.
– Monitoring: Contains the monitoring and override definitions.
– Presentation: Contains the views and folders.
– Language Packs: Contains readable names for objects instead of unreadable system guides.

When you have deleted all overrides on monitors and deleted al the views the reference section in the XML is the issue. So first delete the references:

Delete all <Reference Alias= </Reference> for each Management Pack that must be removed.

Example Advisor:

In my situation was this enough to delete the management pack. Because I had delete the overrides and views in the SCOM UI.

Save the XML, and import the management pack again. When importing the management pack, this will be trowed: Default Management Pack version 7.1.10226.0 is imported. Click install.

When there are still dependencies on the management pack, safely remove the dependent overrides, monitors and views in the other 3 sections based on the management pack you want to remove. The example formats are:


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