ID: 2912 | Details: Service unavailable (503) (0x801901F7) | NO_PARAM NO_PARAM

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During the deployment of a new resource or adding a new resource  there is a possibility that you can face the following error:

An internal error has occurred trying to contact the ” server: NO_PARAM: NO_PARAM.
WinRM: URL: [http://:5985], Verb: [INVOKE], Method: [GetError], Resource: [{1FAA84D0-C551-4410-AB54-0DE094840D37}]

Service unavailable (503) (0x801901F7)

Recommended Action

Check that WS-Management service is installed and running on server ”. For more information use the command “winrm helpmsg hresult”. If ” is a host/library/update server or a PXE server role then ensure that VMM agent is installed and running. Refer to for more details.

After some investigation this can happen due two circumstances:

1.The VMM Certificate has expired. Check this one in your certificate store.

If the certificate is expired, create a new one:

Then, refresh all VMM Infrastructure servers (including VMHosts) so they get the new certificate.

2.The port is used by another program.

After installing the newest product from Microsoft “Admin Center” on our Library server we faced the same issue.

To solve this: Go to the library server -> Open regedit -> Search for “BITSTcpPort” -> Change the value to an unused Port like (8500).
Restart the SCVMM Agent and refresh your Library share in SCVMM.


  1. Thank you! After install Windows Admin Center on our SCVMM 2016 server, lots of VMM functions were broken, with the same error you have listed above, “Service unavailable (503) (0x801901F7)”. Uninstalling WAC didn’t fix it. FINALLY, thanks to your post about the BITS port, we are able to get VMM playing nice again.
    For SCVMM 2016 on Windows Server 2016, the path to the BITSTcpPort value is:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Server\Settings

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