Unable to PowerOff VMWare VM after guest tools installation

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A single sidestep to VMWare on this blog. Don’t write often over VMWare because it works as expected the most of the time. Which it makes a boring, stable and expensive platform to me. But yeah I faced a issue last weekend and wanted to write something about it.

The issue:

Unable to PowerOff VM
Initiated a automatic VMWare tools upgrade.
Waited for about 30 Minutes, till the VM Freezed and showed a black screen.

Events in VCenter:

When trying to update VMTools: Operation timed out.
When trying to PowerOff the VM: Another task is already in progress.

After waiting some more minutes (I don’t have much patience).. I decieded to shoot the VMProces down on the ESX Host.

Solution: Force PowerOff VM on ESX Host.

  1. Open a SSH Connection to ESX (with for example Putty).
  2. Use this command to get the HostVMId:
  1. Write down or copy the world id of the problematic VM.
  1. If all goes well your vm is PoweredOff now.

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