How to install and configure KubeCtl

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To run commands against your Kubernetes cluster form your system they have made a command line tool called KubeCTL. With this tool its possible to maintain al your Kubernetes administration. In this article i describe how to install KubeCtl on Windows and Linux. Including creating a config file for connecting to your Kubernetes cluster.

 How to Install KubeCTL on Linux

  1. Download the KubeCtl files.
  1. Change the permissions
  1. Add to your environment.
  1. Check if KubeCtl is installed correctly.

How to configure KubeCTL on Linux?

To make use of KubeCTL against your Kubernetes clusters you need to specify a connection context. This connection context is mostly saved in a KubeCTL configuration file. Configuration files are placed in different directories for each operating system.

  1. The KubeCtl configuration file on Linux is located on the following location
  1. Configure the configuration file as follow:

How to Install KubeCTL on Windows

How to configure KubeCTL on Windows

Place your Kubernetes cluster config here.

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